New & Due moms can register to shop at our pre-sale. Come check out the bargains before the sale is open to the public! Click HERE to register for Yorktown and HERE to register for Carmel

Why consign?

By consigning you are helping other parents purchase items for their family at discounted prices. It's a win-win situation for everyone! You declutter your house while other parents are able to buy what they need. Not only do you know your belongings are going to a new home and will be greatly appreciated, but you can also MAKE MONEY by consigning. The benefits of consigning are FABULOUS.

As a consignor you:

-Are able to shop at the pre-sale FIRST before it's open to the public
-Decide if you want to DISCOUNT your items or not
-Receive from 60-75% of your total sales
-Do not have to attend the sale in order for your items to sell 

Please note that there is a $15 consigning fee that will be deducted at the end of the sale from your earnings. You MUST print out and sign the Consignors' Agreement in order to receive your proceeds!

Why Volunteer?
By volunteering you get to take part in a marvelous sale. Not only do you get to know what is going on during the sale and help out with organization, but you get to meet other wonderful consignors and socialize as well.

For every four hour shift that you volunteer you will increase your take home percentage by 5%.  Volunteers may sign up for a maximum of three shifts, which amounts to an additional 15% on top of the original 60% you would already receive as a consignor. This will leave you with a grand total of 75% of your total sales to take home!

As a volunteer you get to preview and shop the sale before it is opened up to other consignors and expecting moms.


We do most of the work for you! You are responsible for:

1.) Deciding what you want to sell

2.) Preparing the items by choosing a price, printing out the tickets, hanging the clothing items on hangers, and tagging your items

3.) Dropping your items off at the sale